Kaya FM Drama: Court Documents Revealed Unathi Lied

The drama continues between the South African radio presenter and Kaya FM, the station that employed her previously. She had to be fired from her place at the station over alleged false accusations made against her fellow presenter.

Unathi had claimed that fellow presenter Sizwe Dhlomo was abusive towards her. However, when the company investigated the claims, it found that she had died after all. At the time she made the claims, Sizwe Dhlomo had asked that CCTV of their encounter be played.

The investigation absolved Dhlomo of any wrongdoing, and Unathi was fired for “lying” against him. She didn’t say much at the time but promised to tell her story at the right time. She also instituted a case at the courts against the station, asking for millions in damages.

Recent court documents affirmed that Unathi lied and that the false allegations she made against Sizwe Dhlomo had caused great anxiety at the office.

While Unathi pursues the case in court, she is also bringing it to light in a new documentary which she said would be available soon. It would be her side of the story that many of her fans have been waiting for.

Stay tuned y’all.

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