Kelly Khumalo Shares Bikini Photos Amid Fat-shaming Comments

“Empini” star, shares stunning bikini photos amid fat-shaming comments by a fan.

We all know that it is unlike to succumb to any type of criticism. The “Empini” hit maker has thrived with all the hate she has been given for years now. You can almost say that things dont get to her anymore.

After a fan fat-shamed her on social media, the reality star hit back at the fan saying she liked her fat. It didn’t end there, because she shared new photos of herself looking sexy and serious as she walked out a beach. We doubt that you’d see a more stunning photo today.

She captioned the post “I can be having the best time and still keep a straight face”. has learned over time ward off haters and trolls on social media. Now she doesn’t it without breaking a sweat.

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