Khuli Chana Credits Zebe For His Musical Breakthrough

Khuli Chana says Zebe gave him his major breakthrough

reveals Zebe gave him his major musical breakthrough.

Although a lot of SA stars would not agree, someone or people held the ladder while they climbed up to the top. The scene is filled with a lot of fights and feuds but the people who love each other usually say it without holding back.

Mzansi rapper, recently spoke out about the man behind his major musical breakthrough. You may or may not be surprised to hear that it’s Zebe. Apparently the two share a special bond based on selfless deeds that will never ever be forgotten.

The “Planet Of The Have Nots” hit maker took to to reveal that his first major hit “FRESHE” was recorded in Zebe’s studio. He also revealed it was free of charge and that he gave him a bottle of Henessy with No Dash. He referred to him as his Big Bro.

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