Khuli Chana & Lamiez Holworthy’s Namibia Vacation In Pictures

and wife Lamiez Holworthy continue to give Mzansi couple goals, showing everyone the beauty of being with someone you love so much.

The couple is currently on vacation in Namibia – one of the several times they have taken a trip out of the Rainbow Nation to unwind and reignite their love.

As usual, the couple has been sharing pictures of their trip on their social media channels. It’s clear from the pictures shared so far that they are having a wonderful time together. Below are some of the pictures they have shared so far.

and Lamiez Holworthy are some of South Africa’s most-loved couples. Their bond is pretty strong, and they never fail to celebrate each other with every opportunity they have.

Lamiez is particularly effusive about her love. At some point in their relationship, during Khuli Chana’s birthday, she had bought him a gleaming red Jeep Wrangler.

In her turn, when she added a year, had bought her several gifts that reflected her age. He’d also spoiled her by having her chauffeured in a limo.

Fans are pretty happy for the couple and the beauty of their relationship. The reactions to their posts show that some fans would love to be in similar relationships.

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