Kim Kardashian Throws Punch At Elder Sister Kourtney

The Kadashians are in the news as always, but this time, its not for releasing a product, taking over the internet or red carpet. Punches were thrown and it was Kourtney at the other end of it.

Kim Kadashian  reportedly threw punches at her elder sister Kourtney during an altercation. The family who are known for having it out verbally at each other on their popularly televised reality show, took it up a notch as the sisters were seen exchanging punches during a sneak peek into their upcoming season of the reality show. The season which will be serving as their 18th season showed a lot of interesting clips but the one that got everybody’s attention was the two sisters having it at each other.

Watch video below;

The reality star, Kim Kadashian also recently revealed that having four children of black descent was the major reason she decided to pursue a legal career.

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