Leaked Court Docs Reveal Lebo M Stands Accused Of Abuse By Estranged Wife Pretty Samuels

The drama is certainly not over between South African composer Lebo M and his estranged wife, as recently leaked documents have shown that she is accusing her former husband of abuse.

The drama between the two started dealer this year when Lebo M returned from a trip to Europe. Before he left, he had entrusted his digital signature to Pretty Samuels to sign some documents on his behalf. Back home from his trip, he had bid her sign an affidavit that she had deleted the signature from her PC. She refused to sign.

She also refused to sign another affidavit that she had not used his signature in a way that would benefit her or anyone else in the event of his death. Again she declined to sign. Her refusal alarmed Lebo M, who immediately feared that he might be eliminated and his digital signature used to appropriate his wealth.

He filed for divorce. Along the line a family meeting was called and Pretty Samuels was mandated to apologise in writing to him about the signature. She agreed but refused to carry that out. Instead, she allegedly ran away with his Mercedes and some cash.

The case ended in court, with the new angle being that she is accusing him of assault.

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