Lebo M & Estranged Wife Pretty Samuels Reportedly Reconcile After Extended Family Meeting

In a mobile that will please big fans of Lebo M’s relationship with Pretty Samuels. it has just been revealed that the composed and his erstwhile estranged wife have reconciled and are back in each other’s good graces.

Less than a week ago, social media was awash with news that Lebo M is divorcing Pretty Samuels because he feared for his life and no longer trusted her. He even issued a statement to affirm the same. But Pretty Sanuels denied being served divorce letters at the time.

The basis for him wanting a divorce back then was because she reportedly refused to sign an affidavit that she had deleted his digital signature from her PC. He left the signature with her following a trip to Europe. She had also reportedly refused t sign another affidavit showing that she had not used the signature in a way that will benefit her or others in the event of his death.

The whole drama made headlines for days. But all that appears to be over at the moment, as the two have reportedly reconciled following a family meeting that lasted about seven hours. As part of the agreement, she would send him a formal apology.

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