Lebo M’s Wife Pretty Samuels-Morake Denies Divorce Rumours

Lebo M’s Wife Pretty Samuels-Morake Denies Divorce Rumours

Are the composer Lebo M and his fourth wife, Pretty Samuels-Morake headed for a divorce? That is one question some tweeps have been asking after news broke that she had refused to do her husband’s bidding regarding his digital signature, which made him fear for his life.

While South Africans are busy discussing Lebo M’s reported divorce filing, Pretty appears indifferent to all the “noise.” By her own account, she is still with the composer and has not been served with divorce papers. So she is puzzled about divorce “rumours” flying about the country.

Lebo M has released a statement about the whole controversy and even affirmed the divorce part reported by the press, Bt his own account, he is filing for divorce over trust issues. Following his trip to Europe, he had given her access to his digital signature for her to act as a proxy while he was away.

Back home from his trip, he wanted her to sign an affidavit that she had deleted the signature from her PC, but she declined. She also declined. She also declined to sign another affidavit indicating she had not used his signature in a way that would benefit her or others in the event of his death.

Lebo M says he is getting a divorce. Pretty Samuels-Morake says she doesn’t have a summons for a divorce. End, act 1, scene 1, we wait.