Letoya Makhene Dismisses Abuse Allegations Against Wife Lebo Keswa

Actress and media personality Letoya Makhene has dismissed recent rumours that her wife Lebo Keswa assaulted her.

A recent report by Sunday World claimed that Lebo Keswa assaulted Letoya amd it was so severe that two police vans had to escort Letoya to take her belongings and she had to cut her dreads as well.

At the time of writing, we cannot independently confirm the claims. However, the world in the middle of the whole drama, Letoya, who should be the one to speak out in the event of an assalt, has denied the claims currently circulating in the media.

Taking to Instagram soon after the rumours hit town, she noted her achievements so far, including being an advisor in an upcoming series, but wondered why those achievements are not being reported. Instead, people choose to bring her down in Women’s Month.

She wanted to keep things within the family and protect her brand. And she made that quite clear in her Instagram post as well the way she is handling the situation is being greeted with pleasure by most South Africans, who believe it is the mature way to handle things.

It remains to be seen where the whole drama leads to.