Letoya Makhene Speaks On Her Exit From Generations: The Legacy

Letoya Makhene Speaks On Her Exit From Generations: The Legacy

She did do well in her interpretation of her character in the soapie Generations: The Legacy that many people began to associate her with the said character. Letoya Makhene may have exited the series but still had fond memories. And no, she never planned leaving the film industry.

People often assume that she has quit acting since it’s been a while she acted in a movie. But the actress has just revealed that although it appeared she might have been silent for a while, it does not translate to her leaving the industry.

Speaking about her exit from the soapie, the actress, who played the role of Tshidi Phakade, noted that she left in good terms and her leaving was only part of a bigger plan to better her life.

She revealed that besides being an actress, God has also blessed her with many other gifts, including being a traditional healer or sangoma, a singer and songwriter. Her role in the flick mentioned earlier was taking so much of her time and needed so much commitments.

There were other things she wanted to explore, which her role didn’t allow her to. So she left to focus other aspects of her life and dreams. It in no way means she is leaving acting behind.