Lucasraps Says He’s The Most Hated Rapper In SA Hip-hop

SA Hip Hop star Lucasraps says he is the most hated rapper in the game. Here’s why.

Famous Durban emcee, Lucasraps is known for his unapologetic and controversial opinions. The Hip Hop star is not afraid to stir the pot. Speaking on a podcast recently, he claimed to be the most hated rapper in SA Hip Hop and gave his reasons.

He said, “I think I’m the most hated rapper in the game because I took all the risk. I’m not afraid of sh*t, bro, you understand. I dont follow a procedure or follow a code or follow a blueprint, n*gga I’m the blueprint.”

He spoke about the high expectations that people have of him, adding, “So maybe I’m the most hated in the sense of people have high expectations for me and I just have my own expectations for myself. So sometimes, I dont really meet people saying it in a sense and then that gets them all vexed or some sh*t but I dont really give a f*ck because it’s a thing of I’m me you understand,”

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