Madonna Celebrates Father, Fathers’ Day With All-Inclusive Message

Fathers’ Day has come and gone but the memories remain for most people. One such person is the singer Madonna, who took out time to celebrate all the fathers out there, including hers, of course.

In a post on her official Instagram page, she had dropped an inclusive message to all the father’s out there, whatever their orientation. Thereafter, she had singled out her father Silvio, whom she dropped a few details about as well.

She praised his work ethic and reflected on what she learned from it. In retrospect, she is grateful for all he did for her while he was on the material plane. You can check out her post below.

Fathers’ Day, which was celebrated around the world yesterday, June 18, was a moment of reflection for many around the world, as they shared their thoughts about their fathers. While some have overwhelmingly positive things to say about their father, some only had sad and dark memories of them.

And now, although that day is over, the memories are still very much alive and might live until the next Fathers’ Day – a testament to the role of the father in the building of a family and ultimately society

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