Mixed Reactions Trail News Of Londie London Acquiring A New Car

Reality show star londie London appears to be on a “pepper dem” spree, having recently acquired another BMW. She had got something else previously at a time many were speculating that she was broke and using taxis to go from one place to another.

Well, for those who had claimed that she had no money and was struggling to feed her kids, she has just bought another Bimmer, and the story has changed to “she is making too much noise.”

Clips of her recent acquisition popped online recently and a Twitter user made a comparison between her and Dr Nandipha, who allegedly aided the former fugitive rapist and Scammer Thabo Bester, noting that her acquisitive run will end in tears. You can check out the clip below.

Londie London is currently dating one Mabonga, and he is the one said to be currently bankrolling her. He had reportedly bought her the same white BMW her former husband Hlubi Nkosi had taken back from her after their failed relationship.

It is rumoured that her relationship with Hlubi collapsed because he found out DJ Sumbody, and not him, was the father of one of her children. She denied the claim, asking to see the DNA results that proved that.

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