Mlindo The Vocalist Is Glad To For Once Have His Own Room

Mlindo The Vocalist is excited to own his room!

Mlindo The Vocalist has revealed how thrilled he feels about being able to purchase a house for his mother. He also revealed that the greatest feeling is to have a room of his own.

While on a Massiv Metro interview with DJ Sbu, the talented vocalist revealed how growing up was like him. He stated that it was not easy living with his relatives while growing up.

Mlindo The Vocalist explained that he has just been able to purchase a house for his mother recently. His mother did not have a house of her own as they lived in the houses of their relatives.

The talented singer never owned a room of his own. He was also reminded often that he was not staying at his own house.

This is the reason Mlindo felt very happy to buy a house for his mother and have his own room!

Mlindo The Vocalist has posted the emotional interview with DJ Sbu on Instagram TV.

Mlindo wrote:

At Massiv Metro with DJ Sbu. When the Song Egoli featuring Sjava makes Sense. Thank you guys for the support.

The hit song ‘Egoli,’ is about relocating to Johannesburg and fulfilling one’s dreams. The story-line touches on Mlindo’s life story. The talented singer is one of the lucky artists to become successful in the city and fulfill his mother’s heart desires.

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