More Drama As Lebo M’s Estranged Wife Pretty Samuels Is Given 48 Hours To Return His Mercedes Benz

Lebo M’s Wife Pretty Samuels-Morake Denies Divorce Rumours

In what must have come as a disappointment to fans of Lebo M and Pretty Samuel’s marriage, the composer has asked his estranged wife to return the Mercedes Benz he gave her or face theft charges, invariably suggesting their marriage is over after all.

The background to the recent drama is Lebo M fearing for his assets and life following a trip to Europe. When he made the trip, he had given his wife his digital signature to sign stuff on his behalf. On his return, he wanted her to sign an affidavit that she had wiped out the signature from her PC. She declined to sign.

She also reportedly refused to sign another affidavit that she had not used his signature in a way that would benefit her or anyone else in the event of his death. This refusal alarmed Lebo M who admitted to having trust issues.

A family meeting was called, according to reports, and the couple agreed to iron things out, with Pretty Samuels mandated to issue a statement admitting to having misused his digital signature for insurance purposes. She, however, declined to issue the statement.

Instead, according to reports, she disabled the tracking device on his Mercedes Benz and ran away with it and some cash