Musa Kawula Defends Jackie Phamotse In Battle Against Basetsana & Romeo Kumalo Following Court Verdict

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Controversila blogger Musa Khawula has thrown his weight behind author Jackie Phamotse over the recent guilty verdict in the defamation suit agaisnt her. Jackie had been found guilty of defaming media boss Romeo Kumalo and his beauty queen wife Basetsana.

Contrary to the verdict agaisnt Jackie Phamotse that earned her the guilty verdict for defamtion in court, Musa Khawula insisted that Jackie was not lying because what she said and dor which she was slammed with a guilty defamation verdict was public knowledge at the time, dating back to 2012, so there is no way she is guilty of defamation: She spoke the truth.

He made that known in a clip curent making the rounds online. The video elecited mixed reactions from tweeps, with some of them warning him that he risks being sued himself. Some remonede him that he had been beaten in the past over his takes gaisnt some celebrities.

From the look of things, though, it doesn’t appear like Musa Khawula is backing down anytime soon from hir verdict on the ruling agaisnt Jackie Phamotse. You can check out the clip below.

Musa Khawula is infamous for his takes on most celebrities and he has made enemies of many of them.