Musa Khawula Reveals Ayanda Thabethe Is Pregnant With Second Child For Peter Matsimbe

Is Ayanda Thabethe pregnant with her second child? Well, that is what controversial blogger Musa Khawula has just claimed, leaving South African scratching their head and wondering whether to believe him or not.

If indeed she is pregnant, it would be her second pregnancy for the businessman. who is reportedly currently on the run.

In a post on his official Twitter page, Musa Khawula had shared a clip of Ayanda Thabethe at the back of a vehicle. He noted in the caption that the media personality “is said to be pregnant” with Peter’s child. The wording of the caption indicated that he himself wasn’t sure.

But with Musa Khawula, the “is said” does not count for much and should be read as “is” [fact] . We cannot independently verify his claims, but if indeed she is pregnant for Peter, Then they have been in contact of recent. The businessman is on the run for fraud.

Many South Africans have run with the news that Ayanda is indeed pregnant for Peteer and they have mostly condemned her for getting pregnant for him again, especially given that he is wanted for fraud and may not even be present in the lives of the children.

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