‘Muvhango’ Has Not Paid Actors Since September

The popular show “Muvhango” has reportedly not paid actors since September.

A while ago, “Generations: The Legacy” came under fire for not paying their actors. It seems “Muvhango” has joined the list. According to reports, the show has been on a production break since September 2023, and actors haven’t received any money for their work.

A source for Zimoja told the publication,

“We’ve been on a production break since September and have not been paid our salaries from before the break. We are not getting any answers, which shows that we work like slaves. We don’t know when we will shoot again.”

Another source for the outlet opened up about their struggles to make ends meet;

“We live in fear of losing our cars and homes. If no one says anything from the producers of ‘Muvhango,’ we may not get our December salaries.”

In a conversation with the line manager for the soapie, it was revealed that the reason behind non-payment was the end of contracts.

“Contracts have ended, therefore no payment. We are awaiting feedback from the SABC regarding possible new contracts for the show and the actors.”

Fans of the show have reacted to the news and called the soapie out for not paying their actors.