Mzansi In Heated Debate As Rouge Crowns Herself Best Female Rapper

South African rapper Rouge has provoked a new wave of controversy over her claim that she is the best female rapper in South Africa. But is she? Musicians seeing themselves as preeminent above other musicians is nothing new – not in the South African music industry, not in any music industry anywhere in the world.

This is a reality that manifests everywhere. Burt is Rouge the best female  rapper in South Africa? She insists she is in a recent post on social media. “I really am the best female rapper,” she sang in her latest tweet, opening the gates for people to either agree with her or challenge her.

Expectedly, the reactions have been mixed. While some agree with her that she is indeed the best rapper with an extensive catalogue to boot. some felt she was exaggerating her powers and is not the best rapper in South Africa at the moment. And yet some wouldn’t be dragged into the conversation on who is best and who isn’t in the music industry. Hert tweet follows.

Rouge is gearing to release a new album dubbed “L.O.S.T,” so it is posited that her recent claim about being the best is a strategy to regraft herself in the consciousness of music lovers ahead of the release.

And no, this is no the first time she has described herself as the best female rapper.

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