Mzansi Reacts As Rob Hersov Talks Eskom, ANC & Much More (Video)

With the spectre of load shedding still snarling at South Africans, of course, Eskom remains in the spotlight. And it seems everyone has a cent or two to contribute about the Eskom and energy debate – including Robert “Rob” Hersov.

The billionaire businessman is thought to always be on the controversial side. So, perhaps, it shouldn’t be surprising that his latest opinions on Eskom should ignite some controversy.

On Eskom, the wealthy magnate acknowledged that the man who’s at the helm of affairs of the utility giant, Andre de Ruyter, is actually a great guy but can’t do much because of the mafia which controls Eskom. He said there’s the diesel mafia, and there’s the cable mafia. Eskom, he insists, is broken.

In a recent interview, he berated the ruling ANC government, insisting that the party was never meant to rule South Africa. They were merely designed to destroy apartheid and win the war. He equated the ANC to chaos. You can check out the detailed interview below.

Of course, South Africans themselves had their thoughts about Rob Hersov and what he had to say about the state of the nation. While some of them agreed with him, some scoffed at the “sanctimony,” noting how he had benefitted from apartheid.

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