Mzansi Remembers Mpura and Killer Kau’s Promising Careers

Mzansi remembers the late Mpura and Killer Kau’s promising careers almost two years after their death.

If you remember, Mpura and Killer Kau were once among the most promising artists on the scene. The two collaborated on several hits and also worked with some of the most prominent hitmakers on the scene.

Unfortunately, they both lost their lives early into their careers. They were involved in a fatal car accident and did not survive. Mzansi has been mourning their passing ever since. The later hitmakers were recently remembered by fans after a Twitter user posted their photo.

He had replied to a question about artists who died too soon. In his opinion, they would have been huge if they were still alive. The tweet got over 7 thousand likes, and Mzansi agreed with him. Their music continues to gain love from fans. It is almost two years since their passing, but their legacy lives on.

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