Mzansi Unimpressed As Musa Khawula Makes Fun Of Lira’s Slurred Speech, Accuses Her Of Skin Bleaching

Infamous for his consistent attack on celebs, controversial blogger Musa Khawula was at it again when he attacked the singer Lira and accused her of bleaching her skin.

In the most recent episode of his Pope of Pop Culture podcast (#133), the infamous blogger made fun of Lira’s slurred speech and accused her of bleaching her skin.

The trolling, especially about her slurred speech, did not sit well with many South Africans, some of whom lashed out at Musa for being insensitive and unreasonable. Some reminded him that Lira recently suffered a stroke which affected her voice and mobility at the time.

And indeed, the songstress had a stroke while in Germany for a show. She eventually did not perform. Instead, she was taken for emergency treatment and when she recovered a bit, she flew back to South Africa, where her treatment continued.

She is still recovering, according to reports. But here is Musa, making a joke about her illness – an inhumane thing to do, according to some tweeps. You can check out the controversy in which Musa trolled Lira at the end of this post.

It is doubtful Musa will change one bit despite the criticisms. He has been attacking celebs for as long as one can remember.

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