Nadia Nakai Reacts To “Dead Agenda” Comment By Burna Boy Following Concert Cancellation

Rapper Nadia Nakai’s response to the controversial comments made by the Nigerian superstar has caused tensions to rise in a series of events that started with the abrupt postponement of Burna Boy’s highly anticipated FNB show. Yes, you heard correctly: Nadia responded to Burna Boy’s “Dead Agenda” Remarks after the concert was cancelled.

Many people in Mzansi have expressed satisfaction as Burna Boy’s FNB concert was postponed because of the complicated nature of his connection with South Africans, which has developed into a mix of admiration and criticism. The Nigerian superstar then took to Instagram to declare that no malicious aim against him would triumph in response to the celebrations surrounding the cancellation of his show.

His words said,

“I was in SA last year and I had 100 Thousand of the most Beautiful South Africans Outside for me, so no dead agenda can Agend. I will see you again real soon South Africa I love you,”

Nadia Nakai, Supa Mega’s girlfriend, expressed her displeasure with Burna Boy in a now-deleted Instagram post, suggesting that the rapper’s comments about a “dead agenda” may have been directed at the late Kiernan Forbes. Nevertheless, Burna Boy’s remarks primarily drew criticism from the admirers and supporters of the late rapper AKA.

Nadia wrote,

“Am I being sensitive? What does he mean by Dead Agenda?!!”

The relationship between AKA and Burna Boy had been rocky in the time before AKA’s death, and the two had difficulty getting along. However, the latter wrote a song in honor of the late AKA that received mixed reviews and primarily infuriated South Africans. Burna Boy addressed their argument in the song and expressed his great sadness over the tragic way his ex-friend passed away. AKA was no longer a buddy, and he expressed his feelings about it, but he made it clear that he had no bad intentions for him and didn’t even want him to suffer any damage or die.

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