Nasty C Reveals What Def Jam Offered When They Signed Him

SA Hip Hop star Nasty C has revealed what international label Def Jam offered when they signed him.

Nasty C is one of Africa’s most prominent artists. The famous rapper has made strides and gained global recognition through his music. This is also hugely credited to his signing to Def Jam a while back.

The “There They Go” rapper has finally opened up about what Def Jam brought to the table when they signed him in 2020. He revealed that signing with them revealed new possibilities for him. He shared that it helped him achieve his dream of reaching a wider audience and collaborating with international artists.

Nasty also shared that artists can get too comfortable being local stars and not want to step out to achieve more. He shared that it was a conscious decision for him to step out of his comfort zone. Also, Def Jam provided a lot of support for him.

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