Nicki Minaj Slams The White House For Denying Inviting Her

“Megatron” songstress Nicki Minaj has slammed the White House after an official claimed they never invited her to America’s symbol of power following her comments on vaccines.

Just recently, the songstress had indicated she was hesitant about taking the vaccine, stating that a cousin’s friend had become impotent after taking it, leading his girlfriend to call off their marriage.

Before then, she was rumored to have stayed away from the Met Gala because she was not prepared to get vaccinated.

In another post, though, she had indicated she was ready to take the vaccine so that she would be able to go on tour. She had also encouraged her fans to take the vaccine, while also asking them which brand she should take.

Reacting to the White House official who had claimed that she was never invited to the House but was offered an option to meet a doctor to explain everything to her, Nicki Minaj dismissed the official and the White House as lying.

A report by Complex claimed she even offered o do a live session as she was not keen to travel. She also indicated they never withdrew their invitation to her.

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