“No Hard Feelings” AmaZulu Shrugs After Orlando Pirates Beats Side To Ndlondlo

The politics of transfers, whatever the league, will forever remain of interest to fans of the game. The same “politics” played out in the local league (PSL) and left a club scratching its head,

As early as January this year, AmaZulu had shown interest in midfielder Ndlondlo and pursued him from there. However, they ended up not having him by the close of the transfer window this season. So how did that come about?

Ndlondlo was playing for Marumo Gallants at that time and, according to reports, even indicated an interest in playing for the Usuthu side. However, to ensure he gets over and starts playing for them, they had tabled what they considered a good offer during the last transfer window with Brandon Truter as head of the Marumo Gallants side.

AmaZulu Chairman Sandile Zungu acknowledged his side made an offer for Ndlondlo but that the Gallants were uninterested in trading the player who was also keen to come over to his side. Although the rival side didn’t sell the player to him, he made it clear he had no hard feelings.

In what many analysts considered a transfer coup of sorts, Ndlondlo, who wasn’t sold to the Usuthu, was sold to Orlando Pirates on the last day of the transfer window.

Well, as Zungu said, no hard feelings.

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