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Qwabe Twins Wow Fans With Hot Snaps

South African girl band Q Twins stunned many South Africans recently after a fan shared recent snaps of them posing by DJ Tira’s G Wagon. The muso owns Afotianment, the record label to which the sisters are signed.

In the picture, many fans pointed out that the sisters looked very curvy and beautiful and in many ways desirable. Since the pictures popped up online,m they have become subjects of conversation on MZansi social media. However, it is not the first time the sisters have shared a picture like that.

It is actually a regular reality. Now and then, the pictures drop from their orbit, giving many something to focus on beyond their music. You can check out the post below.

Q Twins, who are technically the Qwabe sisters, were part of the reality show Idols SA. When one of them didn’t get enough votes to continue on the show, the other sister decided to withdraw from the show as well, as a symbol of loyalty to her sister.

They may not have won the reality show back then, but the sisters are doing pretty well under AFrotainment – better, in fact, than some people who have won the reality show in the past. Life.