Rachel Kolisi Talks Teaching Hubby Siya To Drive In Paris

Kolisi Family Embraces New Beginnings in Paris

Rachel Kolisi is one woman who can be counted on for selfless wifely duties. At least she showed this side of herself once again during a recent trip to France with her husband and Springboks captain Siya Kolisi.

In a recent post on her Instagram Story, she informed her fans that she was teaching her husband to drive for the second time. According to her, the first time she did that was in her Hyundai back in 2012 and he almost crashed the vehicle. This time, though, he appears to be doing pretty well.

It is unclear how she has to teach him to drive again, except Parisian drivers are “on the wrong side of the road.” Either way, it is clear that she is happy to be in Siya’s life and to enjoy the beauties of each day as they come. You can check out her post below.

From the reactions so far, it is clear that the post pleased many South Africans, some of whom commended the couple for the beauty of their relationship. Indeed, many young South Africans look up to the duo, who have been together for several years and currently have two kids between them, Nicholas (9) and Keziah (6).