Rape: Lady Zamar In Twitter Hell For Allegedly Wrongly Accusing Sjava

Social media is a wild and unpredictable space where celebs are either made or canceled. Lady Zamar is currently trending on Mzansi Twitter, but it’s not for good. Tweeps think she falsely accused her former lover Sjava of rape, and they have been ripping her apart on that medium.

There was no palpable precedent. It just appeared like South Africans woke up one morning and started “tuning” the singer’s face with slaps.

Over a year back, Lady Lamar had accused Sjava of raping her and abusing her emotionally.  Outraged, South Africans supported her at the time, and Sjava’s career was almost ruined. The rape case Lady Zamar filed against him was dismissed for lack of merit.

Enter a new year and a new week and Lady Zamar is being burned in Twitter’s hell, with many tweeters insisting she lied that she was raped by the BET Award-winning muso.

While some Twitter denizens are raging against Lady Zamar and accusing her of having falsely accused her former lover, the “Butterfly” singer herself is unbothered.

In a tweet that indicated she was aware of the cancel culture, she had stated that it doesn’t matter who believes in her as long as she believes in herself.

Well, what do you think?

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