Reason (Sizwe Alakine) Reacts As Wiz Khalifa Promises To Release Amapiano Music Soon

South African musician Reason has shared his thoughts after American rapper Wiz Khalifa noted that he would drop amapiano music soon.

In an Instagram Live, Khalifa had informed his fans that they should expect amapiano music from him, most likely next year. The live captured the attention of Reason, who is also known as Sizwe Alakine, and he shared it on Instagram as well.

According to him, South African musicians need to quit fronting on the Yanos. He should know, perhaps? Reason started out as a rapper. Along the line, though, he switched to amapiano music and adopted the name Sizwe Alakine.

It’s been a long time since he did rap, so it is clearly understood that he has formally transitioned into yanos or piano music. But, of course, he still retains the Reason name. You can check out his post below.

Amapiano has made inroads around the world, with many artists jumping into its wave. So Wiz Khalifa deciding to hop into it as well should not surprise anyone. It remains to be seen what piano offering he would release in the coming days and the impact it would have at home and on the global music scene. Stay tuned.

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