#RHOCT: Thato & Rooksie Trend Following New Episode

The Real Housewives Of Cape Town’s Thato and Rooksie trend following a drama-filled new episode.

We all love the weekends on Mzansi Magic. Lately, the Real Housewives Of Cape Town has taken center stage when it comes to reality tv entertainment. Mzansi has enjoyed every bit of the show, and we all have favorites.

The show’s recent episode, which aired over the weekend, had everyone talking. Mzansi has reacted to all the drama on social media, and housewives, Thato, and Rooksie have dominated the trends. In case you didn’t watch it, we would like to paint a straightforward situation to know what you think.

What would you do if someone or some persons invited themselves to your house, unannounced, of course, explored the house without your permission, and even burned sages (also without your consent)? Well, we would undoubtedly freak out and scream our lungs out.

That’s what happened in Camilla’s house in the latest episode. Housewives, Thato and Rooksie were both caught in the middle of it, but no one wanted to apologize. Fans also noted that Camilla’s calmness is out of this world. Some have even called it scary. Check some of the reactions out below.

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