Riky Rick’s Wife Bianca Naidoo Talks Late Rapper’s Drug Addiction & Mental Health

His exit was one of the saddest in recent memory because he didn’t die naturally. Riky Rick committed suicide, leaving a whole nation stunned. Anyway, he is still pretty fresh in the heart of those who love him, most especially his wife Bianca Naidoo.

Bianca recently gave insight into her relationship with Riky Rick and what might have motivated him to commit suicide. In a sit-down with Metro FM, she spoke about his mental health and battle with drug addiction.

She noted that the family was always there for him when things weren’t going well in his life and even when he dropped to rock bottom mentally. He previously battled with mental addiction, He overcame that but apparently relapsed.

It was after he relapse that he apparently started giving up on life again, according to her. Unfortunately, he lost it totally and made up his mind to take his own life. He did just that at his studio. It wasn’t until later that it was discovered that he’s killed himself.

That was when South Africans sprung alert, with many pointing at a message he left on social media which gave clues that he was battling some mental challenges. Too bad he never made it out of the hospital where he was rushed to.

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