Roiii Shares Why He Merges UK Drill In His Music

SA Hip Hop star Roiii has revealed why he adds UK Drill to his music.

Every fan of Skhandaworld star Roiii knows he loves to push boundaries. The star recently appeared on Kid X’s The Hanger Podcast and spoke about adding UK Drill to his music.

Kid X asked, “Your music has a lot of UK influence, I think the song (Lavida Loca) that has gone out there and played on the radio. Where does that come from, and what draws you into the UK vibe?”

He explained that he was doing something that hadn’t been done in SA Hip Hop. “The first thing is me taking the UK drill and made it our own, was the most South African thing we’ve ever seen in my opinion,” said Roiii

“Hip-hop is not something that came from SA, it’s something that we took and made our own from America. What I was trying to do with that is doing the same thing again. Remember when I dropped that drill song it was at a time when hip-hop didn’t have a voice of our own.”

He continued, “Rightfully so, so we needed to think better and think smarter and be more creative and push ourselves in spaces and styles that we’ve never done before and that’s what I was trying to do with the UK drill,”

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