Rouge’s Fiancé, Macmillan Mabaleka Opens Up About Proposing To Her

Mzansi rapper Rouge’s fiancé Macmillan Mabaleka has opened up about how he proposed to her and their plans to get married.

When it comes to true love, some people have it locked down. Rouge and her man Macmillan Mabaleka recently got baptized, and their capped it off with a marriage proposal. Appearing on 5 Drive, Macmillan Mabaleka opened up about how the proposal went. He said,

“I had a speech and everything, but that went out the window. I just went on like a babbling fool. I’m just glad she said yes, and it was in front of the family.”

He also shared that they had been together for 9 long years. Apparently, he does not plan to make her his fiancée for too long. He said,

“It’s been a nine-year relationship. I don’t want to make her a fiancée for too long, so we will keep you posted.”

Rouge posted a video of the proposal on Twitter. Check it out below.

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