Sam Smith To Release New Song “My Oasis” Featuring Burna Boy

Have you always wondered what a Sam Smith-Burna Boy collaboration would sound like? Well, so have we. The good news is that the song is almost upon us.

Sam Smith has announced, via Twitter, an imminent song with the African giant, and we are chuffed. Really. Who wouldn’t be? In a sense, it would be a song of giants, bringing two towering figures in world music (the Englishman and his Nigerian pal) on one beat.

The song goes by the title “My Oasis.” Sounds interesting, yes?

This song drops ahead of Sam Smith’s planned third studio album. In a way, the song might give the listening public ideas about the imminent body of work. For now, the focus is on “My Oasis,” which drops by 2:20 pm ET today.

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Well, what are your expectations regarding the upcoming song by the duo? You might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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