Sello Maake Ka Ncube Drags Market Theatre To Labour Court Over Artistic Director Position

He made it known a while back that he wouldn’t keep quiet for having been overlooked for the director role at Market Theatre, a position he felt he was more qualified to hold than the person picked to occupy it. Well, South African theatre veteran Sello Maake Ka Ncube is making good on his threats.

The thespian has just taken the Market Theatre to the labour court, where he hopes to get justice – assume the role that had been denied him.

The artistic director role was given to Greg Homann, and it is currently generating ripples in South Africa, as tweeps debate the decision not to hire Sello, whom they believe is better qualified for the job. Should the labour court rule in Sello’s favour, it would be revolutionary and would actually set a precedent.

The Market Theatre announced that Greg beat Sello Maake by 41 points. But Sello is doubtful of that claim. And he wants the Market Theatres to prove their claims by showing the scores. However. the Theatre describes that as confidential and has refused to share the scores so far.

All is thus set for a fierce legal battle, We will be here ton update you on the winner. Stay tuned.