Shimza Clamours For Higher Ticket Prices In South Africa

How much should entertainers charge for shows and performances? That question has been flying around for as long as one can remember. There, of course, would never be a uniformity of ticket price costs anywhere. 

Anyway, South African disc jockey and producer Shimza has just shared his thoughts on ticket prices in South Africa, insisting that prices should be higher, as the costs of shows are just as high and require a lot from the musicians. 

The songster was replying to a fan complaining about the cost of tickets back home and making a semblance of a comparison. You can check out the post below.

Actually, a lot goes into the pricing of tickets, including the location, sponsorships, and the artist or artists slated to perform. Big-name artists are way more expensive. So show organisers usually work that into the cost of tickets. So, the bigger the artist, the likely more expensive the tickets. 

Shimza might be on track with his take on tickets. What is unclear at the moment is whether he can get others to join in his advocacy. 

Of course, he can always increase the cost of tickets to his show. What may not be certain is whether people would still turn up massively when tickets get more expensive. 

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