Shimza Reveals Reason Why He Missed Gigs

Shimza Reveals Reason Why He Missed Gigs

Mzansi DJ Shimza has revealed the reason why he missed several gigs over the weekend, and promises to make it up to his fans and promoters.

Fans and promoters are always left hurting when artists do not show up to gigs they were billed to perform at. That was Shimza’s story over the weekend. The famous hitmaker missed several gigs and took to social media to apologize to fans and promoters and also explain why.

Shimza revealed he had performed at the Burning Man Festival located at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. He said, “I missed some shows this past weekend and it’s coz I was stuck on the playa with no way to get out.”

“Apologies to the event organisers and everyone that was looking forward to seeing me, will definitely try find a way to make it up.” Fans understood his plight and applauded him for his apology.