Sjava Celebrates 3-Year Anniversary Of 1020 Cartel

SA Hip Hop star Sjava is celebrating the 3rd anniversary of his and Ruff’s label 1020 Cartel.

Sjava has had so much success on the music scene. With his solo and joint albums doing really well, the Mzansi rapper returned to the scene with another great news. He celebrated the 3rd anniversary of his and Ruff’s label, 1020 Cartel. The label was named after the flat he and his crew stayed in during their come-up.

He said in a documentary, “You see that building with two red lines, our room 1020. That’s where the name 1020 comes from,”

Ruff revealed they became tight while staying there. He said, “In 2014, I went to a flat (apartment) so there’s a guy called Jolondi, who took me to a flat where Sjava used to stay with Vuyo Manyike,” said Ruff. So we chilled there cause we already knew each other, listening to music. I think that’s when we got tight, me and him.”

“In 2014, we did Seven which was the first track; we thought, let’s just try something. “Then the second one was Uthando, we also did Uthando in 2014, and from then on, I was like, forget, this is it! This is you (Sjava), bro! You need to do this thing. Forgetting about rapping. You see, you are nice with these raps, but this is your money. This is your future,” He said to Sjava.

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