Sjava Denies Lady Zamar’s Abuse Allegations In New Video | Watch

Once upon a time, they were thought of as the ideal couple, and Lady Zamar. Loved-up pictures of them were almost everywhere. And then news began flying around that they had split.

Not just that; Lady Zamar leveled several allegations against the man. She said he abused her in their relationship. She also stated that was married but denied that reality to her.

Gender-based violence is a very sensitive topic in South Africa, especially so as the country has an embarrassingly high incidence of the GBV. So on the strength of Lady Zamar’s allegation that abused her, many had clamoured for the songster to be removed from the cast of the flick “Uzalo.”

On the allegation of abuse, Sjava has finally sated his side of the story. According to the winner, he has never been abusive to any woman. He also denied he had ever been married or had a child.

According to him, when he started dating Lady Zamar, he told her that he had a girlfriend. He said began between them when Lady Zamar demanded that he make a choice between his girlfriend and her.

You can check out Sjava’s side of the country in the video below, which he shared on his pages yesterday 26 August 2020.

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