Somizi Posts Naked Pictures Online And Deleted Immediatey

Somizi had got Mzansi talking – again. This time it has nothing to do with relationship drama or even a priceless joke. Nah. The former idols SA judge shared a picture of him butt naked. And then he took down the picture again.

But then many of his fans have already saved the picture, which showed him standing by the side of a pool and looking into what appears to be a beach ahead of him. There was no one close by.

In the caption to the said picture, Somizi had indicated that it was taken by his close pal Vusi Nova. Vusi and Somizi have a close relationship. And at some point peeps had thought that they were dating. They had a falling apart recently but made up again when Somizi brought food and some flowers to Vusi Nova’s house.

Well, the picture of a butt-naked somizi may have been taken down, but “The Cleaner” Mr. Rumani had saved the picture. He shared it again on Twitter, wondering ut loud if Somizi was drunk.

This isn’t the first time Somgags would go naked, though. He’s gone naked before the camera previously after he lost a bet while judging reality show Idols SA.

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