Steve Harvey Defends Wife Marjorie Harvey Against Cheating Allegations

Amid Marjorie Harvey Divorce Rumours, Steve Harvey Says His Marriage “Is Fine”

American TV host Steve Harvey publicly defends his wife, Marjorie Harvey, against haters amid cheating and divorce rumors.

We have all smiled when Steve and Marjorie Harvey posted photos of themselves looking classy and loved up together. However, recently, rumors hit the net that Marjorie had cheated, and they were headed for a divorce.

Steve Harvey slammed the rumors in a recent interview. He said, “The woman I married is a good woman. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. She’s God sent, she’s loyal, she’s faithful, and she’s a kind and loving person.”

He also slammed claims that she was the reason for his last divorce. “And y’all quit talking about how she was in my other marriage and ruined it. She didn’t. She was nowhere around that. I got divorced in 2005. My marriage was over when the Kings of Comedy was out.”

Harvey refuted claims that Marjorie was a golddigger, saying he had nothing when their relationship started in 2006.

“In 2005, let me help you with something. I had nothing! I lost the radio show we were on in LA. May 23rd, I lost the radio show, and on May 10th, I lost the TV show. Steve Harvey had no money,” He said.

Watch the clip here.