Streetwear Brand Cultish To Honour AKA and Costa Titch With Limited Edition Garments

South African clothing brand Cultish has unveiled plans to honour South African rappers AKA and Cost titch with limited edition garments and give the profit of the venture to the families of the deceased.

The unveiling of the limited edition clothing would coincide with the opening of the brand’s Rosebank store in Johannesburg on June 3. Cultish itself informed fans of the plans via a post on its official Instagram page.

In the post, the brand enjoined the public to join them for the special celebration of both rappers in June. You can check out the brand’s post below.

The brand had likely taken permission from both families before embarking on such a venture because it might smack of disrespect if they were not involved.

AKA and Costa Titch, who had previously collaborated along the way, died a month apart. AKA’s death, on February 10, was of patently unnatural course, as he was gunned down at point-blank range by an assassin, who accosted him soon after he came out of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban.

Costa Titch sadly died a month later during a performance in Johannesburg. He collapsed while performing. His toxicology report has not been released to determine what killed him.

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