“Surreal” – Tyla Talks “Water” Success & More In New Interview

“Surreal” – Tyla Talks “Water” Success & More In New Interview

It is no longer news that South African singer Tyla’s “Water” song has become her biggest hit to date. But what does the songstress think about the number herself? Well, she has just shared her thoughts on that.

During a recent interview with Los Angeles Power 106 radio, she had swelled on her sudden success with the song “Water,” her music career, her Grammy nomination, what lies ahead of her and so much more.

She recalled her childhood was wrapped with singing. From when she was young, she already knew she was cut to hold the mic and entertain the world with songs. Her mother observed that, too, and would make little Tyla sing at every wedding and get-together.

Looking back, the decision to make her sing on occasion strengthened her singing resolve and even made her a better singer along the way. Today, her name reverberates not only in South Africa but internationally as well. But what does she think about the success of her song “Water”?

According to her, she feels blessed and the success of the song itself appears so surreal. Maybe one day she might wake up to the reality that she has actually “blown” – as the saying goes.