TikTok Abuzz As DJ Sliqe Introduces “Ekhoneni” Open Verse Challenge

It is not out of place for musicians to introduce their fans to a challenge to get them to participate in projecting the song out there. In fact, that is the real deal for some musicians these days. Anyway. South African disc jockey and producer DJ Sliqe has just introduced a new challenge for his fans.

The songster recently release a song dubbed “Ekhoneni” in collaboration with Thato Saul, EMtee and Saudi, and it was a hit with many fans.

Determined to maintain the excitement the number has created already, DJ Sliqe has announced what he calls Ekhoneni open verse challenge on TikTok for tweeps to share their verses about the song from the muso. You can check out the clip below.

Last we checked, several musicians have joined the challenge, further bringing attention to the song DJ Sliqe has released in collaboration with his compatriot.

Challenges are not limited to the South African music industry. Other musicians around the world have adopted challenges as a way of engaging their fans as well. Anyway, if you have not listened to the original “Ekhoneni” tune, you may want to check it out below and see if DJ Sliqe and his pals aced it.

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