Tweeps Debate Why Loki And Roiii Are Not Blowing Up Under SkhandaWorld

Why are musicians Roiii and Loki not blowing up as artists signed to K.O.’s Skhanda World record label? This question formed the basis of a recent debate on Twitter.

Of course, when artists sign to a record label, the goal is to “blow” – you know not only become famous and a household name but make a bag as well. But the reality is that not everyone would blow in their chosen field – not too soon or too quickly anyway.

Could this be the case with Roiii and Loki? It is hard to say because while some people might think one has “blown,” others might have entirely different opinions because their metrics for success are entirely different.

By the way, Roiii, who recently bagged a collaboration with a Ghanaian rapper, is known for including United Kingdom influences in his music. While this has resonated with some fans, some think it robs his work of originality.

Anyway, Roiii and Loki are still at Skhanda World, which also has other artists signed to it. If they don’t like it there and had options, they would likely have opted out a long time ago. They likely have a reason to still be at Skahanda World.

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