Tweeps React As Lady Zamar Talk Money In Relationships

The debate about money in relationships is one that has been around for as long as one can remember, with people sharing their thoughts on it. South African singer Lady Zanmar has just joined the debate with her opinion on the subject.

In a tweet on her official page, the “Butterfly” crooner noted that when a woman genuinely loves you, not even a billionaire can take her away from you. In other words, money is not exactly a driving force for most. The desire and love just have to be very intense.

Her statement divided South Africans, with some agreeing with her and some not exactly agreeing. One of them even pointed out that the women of these days are not even interested in love but in m money and how rich a potential partner is; as far as they are concerned, one need only be wealthy to get just about any woman.

And yet another accused her of stealing someone else’s tweet, paraphrasing it and then passing it off as hers. You can check out her post below.

Lady Zamar has had her fair share of relationships, but her most infamous to date is her relationship with the rapper Sjava.

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