Tweeps Roast Rashid Kay Over Comment On The Better Lyricist Between Jay-Z & Nas

One of the beauties of existence is the storm of opinions on just about everything under the sun, from people to things. And yeah, people will always talk. Well, South African music buff Rashid Kay did some talking recently but South Africans didn’t buy his verdict on who is the best rapper between Jay-Z and Nas.

In a recent tweet, he noted that Jay-Z is basic compared to Nas. He was responding to a tweet by Tee Touch, who himself was responding to the rapper Zingah.

The responses to Rashid’s tweet showed that many were not pleased with his description of Jay-Z as basic. While some readily admitted that Nas is way superior to Jay-Z, they thought it was an overkill to describe Jay-Z as basic.

As far as most were concerned, he might not be better than Nas lyrically, but Jay-Z is certainly not basic as a lyricist. You can check out the posts below.


One thing is clear, though: People will always have opinions, and their having opinions takes nothing away from the fact that both musicians are pretty good and are not at war with each other for public approbation. Maybe a Verzuz rap battle will resolve this? We wait.

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