Twitter User React To Nadia Nakai’s Unusually ‘Large’ Long Fingers

Nadia Nakai's unusually large hands causes Twitter frenzy

Twitter users react to Nadia Nakai’s unusually large hand.

If a celebrity should spend a whole year without being dragged or criticized about something on social media, that would be a huge miracle. A lot of famous people have constantly faced backlash for one thing or another. While it affects some of them really hard, some choose to ignore it and move on.

Just when Mzansi rapper, Nadia Nakai should be having the time of her life with her music and wins, she’s faced criticism for a part of her body again. After a photo of her sitting on a pool in a new video intake of an upcoming project by the Major League Djz hit the net, the rapper was trolled for her unusually long hand in the video.

Just as they did last year when her natural face hit the net last year, users dragged her for the length of her hands.

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