Vuyo Dabula & “Uzalo” Producers Mend Rift Over New Character Bentley Majozi

Producers of the series Uzalo have just ironed out their differences with actor Vuyo Dabula. In a recent post on Instagram, the soaraway TV show had announced the Vuyo Dabula character (Bentley Majozi).

The producers soon deleted the post on the platform

Apparently, they had no discussion with him before the announcement was made. He called them out over this They deleted the post and then reached out later to explain why they deleted it from Instagram.

Dabula would explain later that the issue has been resolved and he would introduce his character himself later in October. He also expressed admiration for the producers of the soapie for how they had handled the issue with maturity.

Dabula makes his debut in October and all eyes are on him to see how he would perform after the minor drama with producers of the series. Well, October isn’t far away. Stay tuned.

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